Walking into my garage one morning I was captivated by rain drops on the Hosta leaves adjacent to the door. There were hundreds, if not thousands of droplets.


A few days prior a friend unexpectedly passed away from an undiagnosed illness. He left behind a beautiful wife, and 2 loving children. My heart was heavy as my brain ping ponged between emotions and logic to rationalize something so tragic.


Creating is my escape. 

It unconsciously guides me to live in the moment.


While gazing at these heart-shaped Hosta leaves I gained clarity of thought…and inspiration. Once again, I was reminded things happen for a reason.


Losing a loved one is heart-wrenching, but it brings people together in love. With their love, we overcome difficulty, grow stronger, and cherish what we hold dear.


I’m continually “Surrounded by Loved Ones” who support, encourage and lift me up when I fall down. Without them I would never have launched Suzy2point0 Creations.