A college art history class was my first introduction to the power of Impressionism. The play of light expressed with bright colors and loose brush strokes was delightful. While studying Monet, Renoir and Degas my spirit sored. Their art spoke to me like no other.    


In 2011 I transformed my first landscape photograph into an impressionistic digital painting. How dare I take a perfectly focused photo and distort it. Just like Monet I was charting my own path, and doing something no one had done before.


When I first released “Solitude” a collector told me it was a sad piece and needed people to bring it to life. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Clearly I did not agree with the assessment.


Life is about balance.


Being around people every minute of every day isn't required. As an artist I have a considerable amount of ‘alone time’. This time is about being comfortable in my own skin without the pressure to be someone I’m not. It’s about quiet moments where I experience beauty. It’s about reflecting on history and dreaming about the future. Having “Solitude” is integral to living my creative life.