Flower Therapy

By now it's undoubtedly obvious that I enjoy spending time at the Marjorie McNelly Conservatory in St. Paul, MN​. Especially this time of year! It's a wonderful way for me to combat the winter blues with much needed flower therapy sessions.

Truth be told, as a flower enthusiast, it really doesn't matter what time of year it is. I enjoy the Conservatory every single visit!

Overcoming Disappointment

One fateful visit was during the Conservatory's 2nd Fall Show of 2017. The Sunken Garden was transformed into a pink and white haven with a plethora of blooming chrysanthemums. Upon entering I was initially disappointed by the lack of color and flower variety. Typically the Sunken Garden is bursting with a rainbow of vibrant colors and flowers, so I wasn't quite sure what to make of the more limited palette.

Undeterred, I decided spending time around flowery fragrance was better than shivering outside. I quickly unpacked my camera and intently starting snapping away. Magically something wonderful happened. Looking through my camera lens subtle variations of color and texture quietly revealed themselves to me.

Profound Insight

On the surface my eyes only observed a sea of white flowers. But as I peeled back the layers (or should I say petals), I noticed a marvelous kaleidoscope of soft pinks, blues, browns and yellows that created a beautiful mosaic showcasing the inner beauty of my new floral friends. Their abundant petals carefully caressing the anther and stigma, like a mother protecting her child from harm.

As I reflect on my art and my ever-present love of flowers I'm constantly amazed by the insights and life lessons bestowed upon me during this creative journey. During this floral experience I was reminded to avoid judgments based on initial impressions. There's always more to be seen and appreciated when taking time to observe with a keen eye!

Positive Outcome

My new creation "In Mum's Arms" was designed using one of the photos from my autumnal flower therapy session. I hope you enjoy it...along with my anecdotal tale.

"In Mum's Arms" by Suzy 2.0; Abstract White Chrysanthemum

About Suzy2point0 Creations

Using a mouse as my paintbrush I transform photos into stylized impressions of the subject matter. The 'soul' of the photo remains the same, yet I re-invent the image by accentuating its strengths and unique qualities. Thus, creating its 2.0 version.

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