Seconds, Please!

In Part 2 - The Ride Of A Lifetime of this series I shared my first day experiences of Butchart Gardens. Since this was a once-in-a-lifetime trip one day in the Gardens just wasn't enough. In this post I share highlights from my second day of flowery delights, including my very first High Tea experience.

And, if you've not already done so, I recommend reading Part 1 - A Flower Lover's Disneyland of this series first before diving into today's post.


So Many Flowers, So Little Time

My family had their fill of flowers the day prior, so I was alone my 2nd day in the Gardens. We wanted to explore other sites in Victoria before departing the next morning, and agreed I would only have 6.5 hours. Excited for my botanical adventure, but anxious that 6.5 hours may not be enough time, I woke early to layout my 'flower attack' plan.

Italian Garden at Butchart Gardens; Suzy 2.0

Going Against The Norm

I arrived just as the gates opened; well before the barrage of tour groups. On a mission to capture the magnificence of the Gardens I entered the last garden first. My plan being to walk the grounds in reverse order, as quickly as possible, in hopes of capturing scenic photos without the ever-present garden visitors. No small task given the typically overflowing crowds.

Blooming Zinnias in Butchart's Sunken Garden; Suzy 2.0

Floral Mastery

When the paths inevitably clogged with tourists I shifted my attention from scenic photos to flower close-ups. The vastness of the flowering blooms and picturesque color array at times were overwhelming, even to someone like myself who LOVES flowers.

With so many flowering gardens how I could I possibly capture both the blooming grandeur yet delicate beauty of it all?

Nearly 1.5 football fields in size there were seemingly endless plantings of Dahlias & Geraniums, Begonias & Marigolds, Lantana & Lobelia , Roses & Rudbeckia with a mix of Hydrangeas, Fushia and other blooming bushes for good measure. While the flower list may seem long its actually only a small sampling of Butchart Gardens outstanding floral display. Every flower was strategically placed for maximum visual impact.

Butchart Gardens High Tea; Suzy 2.0

Divine High Tea

Midday I took a break to pamper myself with High Tea. The day prior I made an early reservation so I was assured a table on the porch overlooking the expansive Gardens. In front of me was a vast lawn flanked by vibrant blooming botanicals with Butchart's Japanese garden just beyond the hedge. My naked eye could even see Brentwood Bay and Tod Inlet in the distance. What a breathtaking view!

Looking over the High Tea menu I was stunned and perplexed by the 9 different tea blends. Black tea, green tea, herbal tea -- how was a girl to decide? Given I'm not much of a tea drinker, I let my handsome, young waiter make the decision for me. He selected the Teaberry Blend -- a black Ceylon tea flavoured with strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and currants. A most excellent choice for this berry-lover.

​As if the aroma from my brewing teapot wasn't intoxicating enough, I opted to also indulge in the recommended Backyard Flight of adult beverages -- a sweet cider, a Prosecco-style sparkler and a blackberry port. With so many liquids in front of me, I was ready to sail away.