Ever Have One of Those Days?

Ever have one of those days when you're too exhausted to do anything? That happened to me a few weeks ago. Instead of pushing myself to finish my 'to do' list I sat down at my computer and played....and this is what I created.

It's a bit abstract, not at all what I envisioned,

and yet I couldn't stop myself.

"Esperãnça" a digital painting by Suzy 2.0

Loving Gesture

The flowers are from a bouquet of tiny Gerbera daisies my sister-in-law placed on my bedside table when I visited her and my brother during the summer. Remembering her loving gesture gave me solace as I created.

There I sat into the wee hours of the morning -- swirling and dragging pixels at my art 'therapy session'. The entire time feeling as if a gigantic bear hug was bestowed on me to comfort my weary soul.

Tragic Loss

The white pattern, on the lower left side of the primary flower reminded me of a tear. Which in some way was symbolic of the sadness I'd been feeling given the recent tragedies....floods, fire & winds...of Mother Nature's fury over the past few months.

While not directly impacted by the natural disasters, my heart was breaking for those affected. The loss of loved ones, and even personal possessions that one holds dear, is devastating and heart-wrenching. But it also brings people together in love, and with that love one can overcome difficulty, grow stronger and be hopeful.

Finding Hope

As I continued my pixel playing I was fascinated by the juxtaposition of the warm, sunny color with the cool greens & blues. Given the emotions I was feeling the sunny flowers seemed like beacons of light shining through the darkness.

After sharing my creation and its story on Facebook I conversed with a couple of followers about giving my new creation a befitting name.

One follower suggested "Melting Mums". While I appreciated the repeating consonants and the imagery of flowers melting seemed spot on, it didn't feel appropriate given the emotions I felt during the creative process.

Then a friendly fan from Portugal suggested titling my creation "Esperãnca" which means hope in Portuguese. The name was PERFECT!

About Suzy2point0 Creations

Using a mouse as my paintbrush I transform photos into stylized impressions of the subject matter. The 'soul' of the photo remains the same, yet I re-invent the image by accentuating its strengths and unique qualities. Thus, creating its 2.0 version.

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