A Flower Lover's Disneyland

Welcome to my multi-part blog post series about my Butchart Gardens dream come true.


One need only Google "amazing flower gardens" and Butchart Gardens magically appears. The 55 acres of lush gardens flourish in a worked-out limestone quarry near Victoria BC, Canada and receive close to a million visitors each year. After visiting the Gardens myself this summer I can see why. Quite simply, ITS AMAZING!

Mother Nature's Magic Kingdom

Do you recall your youthful enthusiasm of vacationing at Disneyland? As an avid flower lover visiting Butchart Gardens held the same allure. Lucky for me I have family living in the Pacific Northwest who graciously indulged my desire to spend 2 days soaking up all the magic and mystery the Gardens had to offer. Saying I was excited is an understatement!

Rose Garden Entrance at Butchart Gardens by Suzy 2.0

A Titanic Moment - NOT!

To fulfill my lifelong dream we charted a course to Port Angeles for a late afternoon ferry ride across the Strait of Juan de Fuca to Victoria BC, Canada. The drive was beautiful, but the winds were fierce, creating anxiousness for a red-head prone to motion sickness.

Even with the choppy waters there was no squelching my enthusiasm for our upcoming adventure.

We embraced Mother Nature's ornery mood and made the best of the situation. I'm told my antics on deck caused quite a stir with the other spectators. Remember Kate Winslet standing on the railing of Titanic's bow with her flowing Victorian gown? Well, my moment was far less elegant. Let's just say walking a straight line was impossible and I couldn't stop hysterically laughing. Here's the video...check it out for yourself.

Thankfully as we pulled into port the winds softened and our eyes met the splendor of Victoria's harbor -- so quaint and delightful. My dream come true was getting closer.


Stay tuned for Part 2 - The Ride Of A LIfetime in my Butchart Garden series when I share all the delightful details of my first day in the Gardens.

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