The Ride Of A Lifetime

In Part 2 of this multi-part blog series I highlight the delightful details from my once-in-a-lifetime trip to Butchart Gardens. (If you missed the first post in this series, be sure to go back and read Part 1 - A Flower Lover's Disneyland before you read this one.)


With only 2 days at Butchart Gardens planning my time wisely was crucial. As surprising as it may sound, 2 days can fly by in the blink of an eye for a passionate posy enthusiast fulfilling her lifelong dream. :-)

A Garden Amusement Park

Butchart Gardens consists of 5 astonishing gardens, along with spectacular sculptures and other alluring attractions.

Click HERE to read more about the Gardens at Butchart.

Upon entering the gardens you can't help but feel a tremendous surge of energy wash over you.

  • Bustling crowds of all nationalities

  • The enormity of Mother Nature's intense beauty

  • Extraordinary floral combinations in jaw-dropping colors

For me each garden was comparable to a spectacular amusement ride. There was the thrill of anticipation tingling through my body as I wondered what display of floral mastery would greet me around the turn of each garden path. Plus, there were moments of surprise when dancing fountains magically appeared out of nowhere to delight my soul.

Finding The Best Ride

Initially we walked through the Gardens to get our bearings and make mental notes of areas to revisit. Throughout our initial walk I tried to keep my photo taking to a minimum so as to keep pace with my family; which for this shutter-happy flower fanatic was like expecting a 2-year old to sit still.

The vastness of the Gardens took my breath away.

With eye-popping beauty everywhere its impossible to select THE BEST GARDEN, but without a doubt Butchart's infamous Sunken Garden (see below) ranks near the top. To reach the garden's entrance one must walk through a grove of trees. Then seemingly out of nowhere this magical garden, fashioned out of a re-purposed cement quarry, unfolds in front of you.

Every time I passed through the tree-lined entrance I inescapably uttered "WOW!!!"

Explosive Culinary Experience

When the crowds seemingly swelled beyond capacity, we took a break to savor the culinary delights of "The Dining Room" in the original Butchart family residence. The restaurant has ranked in the Top 100 of Canadian restaurants for three years in a row by Open Table. The skeptic in me thought how could a restaurant for tourists have such a ranking? After our delightful lunch I'm totally a believer!

  • The bubbles of the champagne cocktail had me floating on air.

  • The roast turkey, double-smoked bacon club sandwich made my taste buds spontaneously explode into a happy dance.

  • And the almond frangipane lemon tart left my pituitary glands salivating.

Flower Fantasy Ride

By 3 pm the tour groups dissipated. Allowing me to leisurely stroll the enchanting Gardens unencumbered before the rush of concert-goers at sunset, while the rest of my family napped in the car.

Never was "you snooze you lose" more apropos.

This luxurious window of time was bewitching. The peace and tranquility lulled me into a meditative state and the late afternoon sunlit blooming beauties were photographic perfection. (More on this in future blog posts.)

At dusk we planted ourselves on the concert lawn with hundreds of other visitors and tapped our feet to Irish jigs. As night fell thousands of lights in varying intensity created a magical glow to the shrubs, trees and flower beds for our final garden stroll of the day.

We arrived at 9:06 am and ended the day at 9:35 pm....and yes, there are photos documenting this in case you heard a fake news report of a redhead getting lost in the Gardens for days. :-)

Exhausted from my first day I quickly dozed off into a peaceful slumber with visions of flowers dancing in my head.


When sharing my dream of visiting Butchart Gardens everyone told me, without hesitation, I MUST do High Tea. Having never heard of High Tea I was intrigued. In Part 3 - Seconds, Please! I share insights and musings about my High Tea experience.

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