A Mother's Love

Though not a mother myself I’m told my mothering instinct is strong. A child's wonderment for exploring fascinates and delights my soul -- just like The Gravitational Pull of Flowers.

Last month I shared my story about a recent bulb garden purchase and how excited I was to watch it grow and mature -- hopefully sharing a little happiness with you along the way. While photographing the Grape Hyacinths visions of raising children popped into my head. Although a mother’s love lasts a lifetime mine was condensed into just 3 weeks.

A Child Is Born

From the moment I saw their green cone heads popping out the ground it was love at first sight. In awe of this little life, I wondered about the future and what my grape babies would become. I remember feeling a ting of disappointment when their colors weren't a deep saturated purple, but that feeling quickly vanished as I counted each bloom.

Grape Hyacinths Emerging From The Earth

Terrible Toddlers?

Beware of the terrible toddlers? Not mine. With each passing day they grew taller and stronger; developing their own flowery personalities. One of their favorite games was hide and seek. As their flower buds opened it was as if they squealed in delight that I had uncovered their hiding place.

Grape Hyacinths Starting To Bloom

Grape Hyacinths Starting To Bloom

Grape Hyacinths Starting To Bloom

Temperamental Teenagers

I blinked and before I knew it my grape babies were temperamental teenagers. As babies they yearned for nurturing, but at this stage of life finding the right balance between over-controlling (giving them too much water) and over compensating (not watering them enough) was difficult. One moment they immediately soaked up what I had to give. Then without warning they snubbed their nose at me; inferring my stupidity for not knowing exactly when to stop. My feeling of inadequacy was at an all time high. Would I ever get it right?

Grape Hyacinths in a Bulb Garden


After a few challenging days, my grape babies finally reached adulthood. With a solid foundation, and my ever-present nurturing, they had blossomed into fine, upstanding, beautiful flowers. A sense of pride washed over me seeing my grape babies in full bloom and having babies of their own. Yes, that's right. Overnight I became a grandma! The more the merrier, right?

Grape Hyacinths in Full Bloom

Grape Hyacinths

Golden Age

With each passing day my grape babies became more frail -- their blooms withering and showing signs of aging. They were quickly approaching their twilight time.

While sadness is natural as our loved ones near end of life; in truth their golden age should be celebrated. With age comes beauty -- each wrinkled bloom having an elegance and style all their own. My grape babies had lived a full life -- even it was for just a few days.


the biggest gamble in the world.

It is the glorious life force.

It’s huge and scary – it’s an act of INFINITE OPTIMISM.

~ Gilda Radner

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