Can Flowers Dance The Viennese Waltz?

Yes, of course they can! Maybe you think flowers have 2 left feet or lack musicality? Au contraire. With a little guidance from my computer's mouse and hours of practice, I've taught flowers how to dance. In fact, tulips and daffodils make the perfect dance partners for the Viennese Waltz.

Viennese Waltz

The Viennese Waltz is the oldest of all ballroom dances. A truly romantic dance known for its distinctly graceful and constant, wide-sweeping turns along with its fast tempo. Its elegant movements are soft and flowing, and characterized by their "rise and fall" action. Dancers move their shoulders smoothly and parallel with the floor; striving to lengthen each step.

A Dancer's Body

With their long stems and flowy leaves tulips & daffodils elegantly extend each step of the Viennese Waltz with ease. Their petals serving a dual purpose -- as the face of the dancers and the colorful sweeping skirts of their beautiful ballgowns.

"Viennese Waltz" digital painting

How Flowers Dance The Viennese Waltz

Daffodils, with their straight stems, are magnificent dance leads. Directing tulips, the followers, with a gentle touch of their leaves or weight of their stems. The flexibility of the tulip stems, allow them to gracefully swoop and swirl to the rhythm of the imaginary music.

As the flower dancers move about the ballroom (aka the vase) their form is perfect . The flow of their petals beautifully mimicking the closed hold position of the ballroom dance while keeping their heads parallel to the dance floor.

Check out this Viennese Waltz competition video and then tell me how you'd rate my "Viennese Waltz" digital painting against the competition. Is it a 1? a 10? or somewhere in between?


For me, Viennese Waltz is synonymous with the romance of Cinderella and Prince Charming sweeping her off her feet. I fell in love with my "Viennese Waltz" digital painting as soon as I created it. While common place now, at the time "Viennese Waltz" was my first dancing botanical creation with a variety of flowers in a well defined vase. The elegant design and lyrical movements instantly caught my eye, just as Cinderella did when she entered the ballroom.