Three Gifts For A New Beginning

Hello. I'm Suzy and this is my first blog post. Eek...that's such a scary declaration for me! Expressing myself with color, art and home design is easy. Expressing myself through the written word is intimidating and overwhelming.

For the past year the idea of a Suzy 2.0 Blog has occupied space in my brain. Throughout my life I've mastered the art of obsessively thinking about things (aka stressing) and in doing so find myself stuck -- with the inability to take action. To overcome the quicksand of my thoughts I play the usual self-help phrases in my head like a broken record:

  • The first step is the hardest

  • Just put one foot in the front of the other

  • Take one baby step everyday

  • Rome wasn't built in a day

  • Progress not perfection

Then this past week something wonderful happened. I received three amazing gifts.

Gift #1: Play Takes Many Forms

While visiting a friend I was lamenting my blogging dilemma, when she suggested that writing is just another form of play. If you've read my story, you know the 1.0 version of my life was corporate employment. Business writing isn't about playing, it's about completing a task to reach an objective. But my art is about playful exploration, so why can't writing be about playtime too? Shifting my perspective opened the writing flood gate.

Gift #2: Herculean Pay Off

During a two hour "Wine & Skype" call with my sister we were singing the praises of each other's websites. She shared about being "sucked into my Suzy 2.0 website" late one evening while reading my art story and creative process. Admittedly she's my sister and I know she frequents my website often, but for her to unwittingly share her thrill and excitement about my in-depth story touched my heart in ways words can not describe. Writing those web pages was a Herculean effort, but knowing I touched someone's soul by sharing greater insight about my art was just the inspiration I needed to kick off my Suzy 2.0 Blog.

"Dancing Heart" Digital Painting

Gift #3: Art Speaks

My last gift arrived today in the most unexpected package -- my art. I was playing with a bouquet of daisies, swooping and swirling to my heart's delight. After my playtime ended, I couldn't help but stare at my daisy creation for a few minutes. Usually when I do this I find myself critiquing my art and exploring opportunities for improvement. But not this time! This time my brain was gushing with insights about the piece that I wanted to share. Thus, begins my blogging adventure.

Today I'm only sharing a digital image of "Dancing Heart" with you. You'll have to wait for my next blog post to read all about my brain-gushing insights.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. If you enjoyed my first foray into blogging please comment below or share my post with your friends.

About Suzy2point0 Creations

Using a mouse as my paintbrush I transform photos into stylized impressions of the subject matter. The 'soul' of the photo remains the same, yet I re-invent the image by accentuating its strengths and unique qualities. Thus, creating its 2.0 version.

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