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It's April Fools

This morning I woke to an early April Fool's Day joke. From my bed I heard what sounded like gale force winds. With trepidation I rose and peered out my bedroom window. The trees and rooftops were covered with an overnight accumulation of snow and flakes were still falling from the sky.

It's March 31st! The grass should be green and spring flowers should be sprouting.

Yearning for Spring

Winter in Minnesota can be a difficult pill to swallow. And the recent snow storm felt like cruel and unusual punishment. Especially since more snow is forecast.

It doesn't help that every inch of my body is yearning for Spring,

  • The scent of damp soil after spring rains.

  • The sight of plant life emerging from its winter slumber.

  • The aroma of sweet floral fragrances.

  • The joy of seeing Mother Nature's beautiful colors on display.

Having seen only white and brown for the past 5 months has made me grabby.

Tip Toe Through The Flowers

To lift my spirits I planned to immerse my soul in the Sunken Garden at the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory. Alas my plan was foiled by having to shovel snow -- again! With my desire to experience Mother Nature unquenchable, I settled for the next best thing -- my digital flowers.

While tip toeing through my online flower garden I uncovered a daisy photograph that I've tried to "do my thing" to for years. Historically each time I've played with the photo I decided to throw away my creation. Today the irony of the white and green colors jumped off the screen saying "Try 1 more time."

Skip Spring. Go Directly To Summer.

The original Daisy photograph was taken 3 years ago. On a day that I couldn't resist the urge to be outside, because of the plethora of flowers in bloom.

I photographed flora for hours just walking around my neighborhood -- including Clematis, Clover, Hydrangea, Iris, Lily, Monarda, Rose, Rudbeckia, along with a variety of other flowers that I can't even name. It didn't matter. I was in my happy place.

Looking back many of the flowers I photographed that day have become Suzy 2.0 creations. Though up until today the daisies had continually eluded my creativity.

What Is It About This Photo?

Notoriously when I have a photograph I like, it's challenging for me to create something from it. I was quite fond of the original daisy photo, but why?

  • The asymmetrical layout of the photograph creates visual interest.

  • The focus on a single daisy with the others blurred in the background creates a feeling of intimacy.

  • The color combination of the green, white & yellow is fresh and inviting.

Creativity Can't Be Forced

Much to my delight the creative juices were flowing this morning. I guess the snow shoveling stirred something inside me. Or maybe my muscles were exhausted from lifting the heavy, wet snow, enabling an easy and relaxed flow as I played with my creation.

Finally I swooped and swirled the pixels into a piece of art I'm comfortable sharing with you. I think I'll title her "April Fools" as an homage to what should be versus what is today.

[This video shows the evolution from photograph to a Suzy 2.0 creation. My multi-hour creative process is condensed into 18 seconds of fun. Enjoy!]

About Suzy2point0 Creations

Using a mouse as my paintbrush I transform photos into stylized impressions of the subject matter. The 'soul' of the photo remains the same, yet I re-invent the image by accentuating its strengths and unique qualities. Thus, creating its 2.0 version.

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