Find My Muse

Step 1

What I find intriguing varies -- it can be colors, textures, the flow of lines in my camera's view finder, or merely a moment in time I deem memorable. I take an absurd number of photos in rapid succession, many of which are discarded and never used.

Step 2

Seek Inspiration

During this step I review, sort and tag my photos; earmarking images that grab my attention. Sometimes the inspiration hits me like a 'bolt of lightening', but many times its more of a 'dim light in the distance' experience.

Step 3

Playfully Explore

I'd love to tell you there's a master plan for my creations. The reality is much less visionary and more organic in nature. Using my mouse as my paintbrush I play with my photo editing software letting my creative juices kick into overdrive.

Step 4


At some point while playing I have an 'AH-HA! moment' where I'm fascinated with what I'm doing and sense I'm creating something to share with you.

Step 5

Refine & Tweak

There’s a fine line between playing and overdoing a good thing. When I feel myself forcing something to happen a positive result is rarely achieved. Many of my favorite (& most popular) creations came to fruition effortlessly, because I let the creative process flow naturally.

Step 6

Polish & Print

Prior to printing, errant spots, color blotches and lines I find distracting are removed. Colors are refined as needed and then finally my creations are formatted for each printed product I sell.



Collectors frequently ask if I can make a creation from one of their photos. After multiple attempts (more bad than good) I've learned that Step 1 & Step 2 are critical to my process. The quality of the photo -- angle, lighting, content & color -- are key. It's what inspires me to create!