My desire to create a unique gift for a dear friend, who believed in Suzy2point0 Creations even before I did, was the genesis of my Mesmerizing Musicals.


My friend is difficult to buy for, because if he sees something he wants he immediately buys it for himself. Given my gift giving challenge, I wanted to create a gift he couldn’t buy from a store.

My friend owns over 30 guitars…and counting. He was my first Suzy 2.0 customer, and over the years a staunch advocate for living my creative life. Because he’s not much of a flower lover, he encouraged me to photograph his guitars. I finally did.

As I busily prepared his personalized gift, my friend’s first granddaughter was born prematurely. I quietly watched as he and his family dealt with the emotions and uncertainty of her precious life.


Thankfully his granddaughter is now a happy, healthy and thriving child. Her name is Elizabeth, but her nickname is “Izzy”.