I was restless and unsure at the beginning of 2014. The art show grind had taken its' toll the year before. I knew I loved to create, but wasn’t certain Suzy2point0 Creations should continue. I’d lost my joy and needed a break.


During my art sabbatical I playfully explored new subjects. I was creating for the joy of the experience, rather than working to create a highly sellable piece. I was having fun.


In the fall of 2014 I amused myself with autumn leaves. With such an exquisite palette I created lively, lustrous and dazzling digital paintings.


One of my musing -- the “Hot & Spicy” series -- became my ode to infusing color into one’s life. Their vibrant hues radiate energy, becoming an instantaneous mood booster.


Through my art I found my happy place again, but a question still remained “Why create art if I wasn’t supposed to share it?" And so, I continue to illuminate you with my colorful expressions.