A Gift Card To Make Her Smile

Want to give a Suzy 2.0 gift, but can't decide what to give? With a Suzy 2.0 gift card she'll have the freedom to pick out whatever she wants, and you're relieved of the stress to find something perfect.

After purchasing the gift card you will:

1) see a confirmation message onscreen with the option to print the gift card


2) receive an email with the details of the purchase along with an image of the card, which you can print or forward by email.

If it takes a long time for the email to arrive be sure to check your spam folder.

Although the Suzy 2.0 gift card states that it is for in-studio purchases only, this is merely a technical limitation. Have no fear as I guarantee the gift card can be used either in-studio or online. To apply the gift card toward online purchases the recipient need only email the details of her gift selection to info@suzy2point0.com, and I will personally process her order.