If ever there were an ardent lover of all things flora, it would be Suzy Freeborg. After spending much of her life in Corporate America, Freeborg, whom always had an artistic inclination—and a preternatural love for flowers—decided to eschew the buttoned-up career and define herself anew; a new version, she says, a Suzy 2.0 version. (And how could I not have a garden-themed Editor’s Pick of someone whose tagline is “Flowering You With Beauty”?)

Her creative, soul-revealing business marries art and flowers, where Freeborg’s medium of choice is digital painting. In this world, limited only by the confines of Freeborg’s creativity, a bouquet of spring tulips appear, as she puts it, to be rapt in a state of “joyful dancing.” In her Dancing Botanicals collection, daisies tap their toes, and lovely pink roses become whirling dervishes.

“Imagine,” she says, “if flowers could express themselves. Would they be grateful for each day of life – singing joyful songs when you encounter their beauty and dancing a jig when gentle breezes kiss their petals.” 

Freeborg sells her floral-fabulous digital paintings as prints, or on mugs, tote bags, mouse pads and more. You can see all of Suzy Freeborg’s beautiful work at the website here.



Suzy Freeborg / Suzy2point0 Creations

* This is an excerpt from the original article written by Nancy Eike, White Bear Lake Magazine Editor. Click here  to read about all the wonder 2018 Best of White Bear Lake winners.